Using Art in Religious Education

Religious Education and Art

A series of lessons from the Education Service of the Diocese of Westminster

These resources explore how Art is used in Religious Education. They cover various areas of faith such including events from the Scriptures such as Pentecost; key saints in the early Church such as St. Peter and devotions like the Rosary. Each resource includes ideas on how to use the paintings as part of teaching in the classroom.

Maria Harris: Art in Religious Education: A Conversation

Visual arts and RE: theological possibilities and creative skills

The Use of Art in Religious Education     A presentation for teachers given by Lir Mac Cárthaigh, Art Director for the Credo series, about how fine art can be used as a tool by religion teachers in school and parish.

Edward Albert Bailey, The Use of Art in Religious Education (book)

Webinar The Catholic Spirit: Integrating Literature and Art into Religious Education from Ave Maria Press

The British Museum and Religious Education

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Spirituality & Art: A Multiversity 20 ways to look at art as an expression of spiritual qualities and pursuits.

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