Key Texts


    • Today’s English Version
      This version of the Bible was created to be used by children and those who had English as a second language
    • The New American Bible
      This is the official translation of the Bible recognized by the Roman Catholic Church in the United States

Vatican Documents

    • Vatican II Documents
      The official documents of the Second Vatican Council (1963-1965) This council has shaped the Church over past 50 years.

ICE (Institute for Catholic Education)

    • Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations
      A set of statements defining the characteristics of Ontario High School Graduates. They Are “used as a framework for designing Ontario Catholic curriculum, in the development of youth leadership, teacher education and administrative programs and to support the work of local board initiatives.” Supporting Resources are found at

ACBO (Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario)

Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association

    • Catholic Education Week Kits
      Every May, Catholics celebrate Education Week. These resources contain prayers, lessons and faith development activities.

Ontario Ministry of Education

    • Curriculum Resources
      Provincial curriculum documents in various subjects and strategies such as Character Education and Equity.

Catholic Curriculum Corporation

Other Documents