CARFLEO was formed by the amalgamation of CRECO (Catholic Religious Education Consultants of Ontario) and OCFLEN (Ontario Catholic Family Life Educators Network).

Founded in 1975, CRECO was established to support Religious Education Consultants throughout the province of Ontario. Through its advocacy, conferences and curriculum development, CRECO furthered the cause of Catholic Education in the Province of Ontario.

OCFLEN (Ontario Catholic Family Life Educators Network) was committed to the advancement and improvement of Family Life Education in Catholic schools.

Founded in 1995, OCFLEN hosted several conferences dedicated to Family Life education issues; published several newsletters and developed a web site.

In the 2002-3 academic year, the two organizations joined to create CARFLEO (Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario). A new executive was elected at the April 29, 2004 AGM in Ottawa.

In the summer of 2005 CREO (Catholic Religious Educators of Ontario) merged with CARFLEO to form a single association dedicated to Religious and Family Life Education in Ontario.