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Using Inductive Teaching Strategies to Get Students’ Attention – by Jared Dees. Also see his The Religion Teacher – Teaching Strategies

Pinterest Resources: Religious Education Teaching

Julian Stern, Teaching Religious Education (book)

CARFLEO: Instructional Strategies and Religious Education

NATRE Resources National Association of Teachers of Religious Education NATRE is the subject teacher association for RE professionals for England and Wales. It works to support those who teach and lead in all schools and institutions and at all stages of their career.

Book: So You’re Teaching Religion! by Dr. Richard Rymarz

The essential guide and companion for new and veteran religious educators seeking to create engaging and dynamic faith formation classes.

Teaching can be daunting. Serving as a religious educator can be even more so. Beginners and even long-time veterans often find themselves seeking tools and resources to engage the minds and hearts of their students and draw them more deeply into their faith. Renowned religious educator Richard Rymarz provides religious educators with outstanding strategies for teaching scripture, sacraments, prayer, social justice and morality in schools. The creative and well-grounded activities make this book an essential resource for teachers.

RESource A variety of Religious Education strategies and resources from the Archdiocese of Melbourne in Australia.

Joe Paprocki’s Catechist Journey

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Visio Divina


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