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Ontario Bishops (ACBO) Social Justice Resources

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops- Justice Resources This are the search results of CCCB website for justice issues.–LM

Development and Peace

Development and Peace (The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace) is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis. Development and Peace is a membership led organization supported by parish collections, individual donations and government grants, principally from Global Affairs Canada.

Archdiocese of Toronto: Catholic Social Justice Resources: Videos and Organizations

Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teachings … United States Bishops

The Church’s social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. Modern Catholic social teaching has been articulated through a tradition of papal, conciliar, and episcopal documents. The depth and richness of this tradition can be understood best through a direct reading of these documents. In these brief reflections, we highlight several of the key themes that are at the heart of our Catholic social tradition.

The Busy Christian’s Guide to Catholic Social Teaching

US Catholic timeline of justice events and key justice texts.-LM

Education for Justice is a global digital subscription membership service that provides resources for those who wish to study, teach, and practice Catholic social tradition. We offer members access to a growing library of thousands of text-based and multimedia resources, a monthly e-newsletter, and other benefits to help them approach the world’s headlines from the perspective of Catholic social tradition.

CARFLEO has purchased a subscription for the resources on this website for all CARFLEO contacts at your school boards. Normally, these are Religious Education Coordinators, Consultants, and/or Resource Teachers. If you wish to access these resources, please contact them.

Everyday Works of Mercy From St. Mary’s Press: “Whatever you do to the least of these, that you do unto me.” This passage from Matthew 25:31-40 provides the framework for the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Many times people think of these works directed to strangers, but this article challenges us to look at how these good works are lived in our family and workplace.

Scarboro Missions Justice Resources

Religious and lay missioners based in Scarborough, Ontario have long had an interest in justice issues particularly those related to interfaith dialogue.-LM

Theology Library Justice Links (scroll down)


CARFLEO’s Justice Links

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