Catholic Education Week 2018 Advance Kit


From Nick Milanetti, Executive Director of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association.

As we approach the Advent season, we are reminded that publicly-funded Catholic education is a call to service. Regardless of our position or our responsibilities within Catholic education, our role is a call, birthed in our Baptism to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ into the lives of those students whom it is our privilege to serve. This reality elevates our duties and responsibilities to another plane. Left to our own strengths and abilities, the task seems and is very challenging, but we are not alone in this task. Jesus promised us the abiding strength of the Holy Spirit to be with us always–
not just for a century or two at the church’s beginning, but always. But the promise is
predicated on our faithful and faith-filled response to that call to service following the example of Jesus who said, “I am in the midst of you as one who serves.” (Luke 22:27)
This year’s Catholic Education Week theme is “Renewing the Promise”.
Catholic Education Week begins on Sunday, May 6, 2018.


The Advance Kit consists  of monthly prayer services leading up to next May’s Catholic Education Week.

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Advance Kit

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