Lectionary: Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, Votive Masses, Masses for the Dead

Cover_Ritual_Lectionary“The Catholic Church in Canada has been without a Lectionary containing selections for Ritual and Votive Masses, as well as for Various Needs and Occasions for over thirty (30) years. In that time many parishes have compensated by making their own adaptations, especially in the case of Readings for Marriages and Funerals. Some have produced their own lectionaries for these occasions; others offer photocopied booklets or sheets. However, the third volume of the Lectionary, containing all the Readings for the Sacraments and Ritual celebrations, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions and Votive Masses, has now been printed and is available in three editions: Ambo, Chapel and Study. ” for more information see the brochure at the Canadian Bishops (CCCB) website.

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