Resources to Support the Directory for Catechesis

From Marg Shea Lawrence of the Canadian Bishops (CCCB) Office for Evangelization and Catechesis.

We are pleased to share that resources are now available on the CCCB website to help inform and encourage dialogue on implementing the Directory for Catechesis, 2020. The Directory emphasizes catechesis oriented toward evangelization with a missionary perspective.

We hope that people who work in evangelization and catechesis in dioceses, parishes, Catholic schools, religious orders, and movements and associations will find the webinars informative and useful. They include reflection guides, PowerPoints, and additional resources, which can be used by individuals or in small groups, in-person or online.

In 2020, the Office for Evangelization and Catechesis offered the webinar series, Directory for Catechesis, which addressed the topics:

Session 1:      Introduction to the Directory for Catechesis

Session 2:      Part 1: Catechesis in the Church’s Mission of Evangelization

Session 3:      Part 2: The Process of Catechesis

Session 4:      Part 3: Catechesis in the Particular Churches

This resource is available here: Introduction to the Directory for Catechesis

In 2021, Nurturing Friendship: The Directory for Catechesis in Dialogue with the Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti, which addressed the topics:

Session 1:      The Catechist Brings Hope: Navigating the Signs of Our Times

Session 2:      The Catechist Asks: “Who Is My Neighbour?” Parable of the Good Samaritan as a Paradigm for Encounters of Mercy

Session 3:      The Catechist Promotes Human Dignity and Communion with God

Session 4:      The Catechist Builds Bridges with Diverse Faith Communities

This resource is available here: Nurturing Friendship  

In 2022 a third webinar series was offered, Encounters of Hope, The Process of Evangelization in our Daily Lives, which addressed the following topics: 

Session 1:      Evangelization: Encounters of Hope

Session 2:      The Art of Accompaniment

Session 3:      Catechesis: Echoes of Hope

Session 4:      Missionary Discipleship: Hope to the World

This resource is available here: Encounters of Hope

The recordings of the webinar series For a Synodal Church, Communion, Participation, and Mission will be available mid-June 2022.

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