Synodality and Schools

Dioceses around the world have been sharing ways of involving students in the Synod on Synodality. Here are some links to those processes:

Archdiocese of Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Elementary School Lesson Plan

Elementary School PowerPoint

Middle or High School Lesson Plan

Elementary School Lesson Plan

Prayer Cards, At Home Resources

Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, USA

Synod Catechetical Resources – Grades K-8

High Schools and Synod Listening Sessions

Faith Alive @ Home!

Family Listening Session Guide

Family Listening Session Recording Sheet

Diocese of Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

High School Listening Session Survey

Diocese of Charlesto, North Carolina, USA

Journeying Together: What is Synodality?: Listening Session for Children’s Catechesis/Youth Ministry Suitable for Middle School and High School

Young People Ask: Why People Participate in the Synod?

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