Seeds of Hope: A Prayer Service for New Teachers

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From the introduction:


A good teacher can ignite the imagination, inspire hope and instil a love for learning in a child.

It is said that “Hope engages both grit and perseverance as we strive to make our hopes or goals a reality. 

But hope also engages optimism and self-efficacy, as it includes the belief that the future WILL be better than the present, and within each of us is our faith which gives it the power to make it so.”

So, in this time when so many of us out there—teachers, parents, and students— are feeling a little overwhelmed, now more than ever, we lean into prayer and engage our faith.  In so doing, we open our eyes to possibilities…and so we offer this short prayer service as a way  to give you time to reflect on your awesome role as a new Catholic teacher, one guided by your faith and inspired by your fellow Catholic educators.

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