Catholics and Halloween

Catholics and Halloween

Here are some resources to help you turn the festivities into a teachable moment.

Catholic Update: How Halloween Can Be Redeemed by Page McKean Zyromski

History of All Hallows’ Eve by Jennifer Gregory Miller

All Hallow’s Eve by Mary Reed Newland

Can Catholics Celebrate Halloween? – Busted Halo’s take on Halloween featuring a video from Fr. James Martin

Halloween: A Season of Saints by Diane M. Houdek

US Catholic: Don’t be scared of Halloween By Angelo Stagnaro

Word on Fire Blog: It’s Time for Catholics to Embrace Halloween by Fr. Steve Grunow

The Catholic Origins of Halloween by Fr. Augustine Thompson O.P.

Catholic Register Halloween can be a Catholic teaching moment by Dorothy Pilarski

Learning Religions: Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween? by Scott P. Reichert

Do Catholics Celebrate Halloween? Catholic News Agency Mary Farrow

The Catholic roots of Halloween, the Vigil of All Saints’ Day Although Halloween has been embraced by the secular world, its foundations are firmly rooted in Catholic tradition. Dr Malcolm Brown of the Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture explains the significance of All Hallows’ Eve By Christopher Wells – Vatican News

A Catholic’s Guide to Halloween

America: Explainer: Where did Halloween come from—and should Catholics celebrate it?

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