Thanksgiving Prayers

Prayer of Thanksgiving by Walter Rauschenbusch
O God, we thank you for this earth, our home;
For the wide sky and the blessed sun,
For the salt sea and the running water,
For the everlasting hills
And the never-resting winds,
For trees and the common grass underfoot.
We thank you for our senses
By which we hear the songs of birds,
And see the splendour of the summer fields,
And taste of the autumn fruits,
And rejoice in the feel of the snow,
And smell the breath of the spring.
Grant us a heart wide open to all this beauty;
And save our souls from being so blind
That we pass unseeing
When even the common thornbush
Is aflame with your glory,
O God our creator,
Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.
 From Living God’s Justice: Reflections and Prayers, compiled by The Roundtable Association of Diocesan Social Action Directors

Thanksgiving Prayers from Northern Light

Grace in the Land

There is a golden warmth 

That spreads over Charlottetown skies.

There is a Thanksgiving light

That shines over the Gatineau Hills.

There is a Eucharistic glow 

Over the wheat fields south of Brandon.

There is green gratitude

Among the Western Cedars of Stanley Park.

There is grace in the land.

La Malbaie, Quebec

Thanksgiving prayer for Canadian gifts

In this golden autumn air

We turn our hearts in Thanksgiving to the many gifts that you gave given us.

Beauty of western red cedar rising above the inland sea pointing up to the coastal range.

Beauty of prairie skies over yellow fields of canola.

Beauty of stark Jack Pine on a Lake Superior headland.

Beauty of London’s red maple avenues.

Beauty of snow geese flying south over La Pocatiere.

Beauty of lobster pots on a Maritime Harbour.

Beauty of the deep fjord at Gros Morne

We also confess our shortcomings as stewards of the gift:

When profit precedes respect for creation,

When greed strangles compassion,

When impatience outpaces grace,

When ambition overruns wisdom. 

Let our thanks be infused with a deeper gratitude:

A deeper longing to draw closer to you,

A deeper trust in your ways,

A deeper commitment to compassion and

A deeper courage to bring healing to this fractured time.

We pray to you Lord of the harvest that our hearts will be evermore grateful for your gifts.


Madawaska Valley, Ontario

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