Resources for Discussing the Violence at the US Capitol

The mob that invaded the United States Capitol building yesterday left many students and teachers shaken. CARFLEO has compiled a list of resources that can help teachers facilitate discussions about issues arising from this issue.

Statements from Catholic Bishops from the United States from Catholic News Agency. Catholic News Service also has a summary of Catholic Bishops thoughts from around the world. America Magazine also has an article: ‘This has got to stop’: Catholic leaders react to Trump supporters’ attack on the Capitol . (Link fixed).

Education for Justice has a number of resources that can be applied to this situation. CARFLEO has purchased a membership for Ontario Catholic educators. Contact your CARFLEO board representative for password and login information. These are Catholic resources.

Facing History and Ourselves has an online resource to help teachers discuss the events of January 6, 2021. This is not a Catholic site but has many resources in line with Catholic Social Teachings.

Beyond the Stoplight has a resource titled: Resources for Teachers on the Days after the Attack on the U.S. Capitol. Again, this is not a Catholic resource but is in line with Catholic Social Teachings.

Braver Angels was inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln, who not only called on Americans to summon the “better angels” of our nature — but called on us to find the courage needed to pursue a more perfect union, “with malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right.” Murray Watson of Simcoe Muskoka CDSB suggests that their 40 minute training module, Braver Angels Skills for Bridging the Divide Workshop would be a worthwhile resource.

Edweek 6 Ways to Help Students Make Sense of the Capitol Siege

See also these CARFLEO resources

Peace Links

Anti-Racism Resources

Catholic Social Teachings

Praying the News

If there are any other resources that would help Catholic teachers with this issue, please contact us at

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