January 2021

These posts may help you in your planning for January events.

From Ordo by the Canadian Bishops

The Aaronic Blessing for students to begin a New Year

Epiphany (January 3 or 6)

St. Andre Bessette (Jan. 7)

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys (Jan.10)

Baptism of Our Lord (Jan 10) – Loyola Press, End of the Christmas Season

Beginning of Ordinary Time (Jan 11) Learn Religions article on Ordinary Time

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Jan. 17) – Loyola Press Resources

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021 (Jan 18-25) (Canadian Council of Churches)

St. Agnes (Jan 21) External Link

St. Marianne Cope (Jan 23)

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Jan. 24) – Loyola Press Resources & Sunday of the Word of God (Canadian Bible Society Resources)

Conversion of St. Paul (Jan 25)

Saints Timothy and Titus (Jan 26)

St. Thomas Aquinas (Jan 28)

St. John Bosco (Jan 31)

4th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Jan 31) – Loyola Press Resources

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