Welcome to Our World

Welcome to Our World by Chris Rice uses images from Canadian artist William Kurelek’s Northern Nativity. It imagines the Nativity story set in 1950’s Canada.

Chris Rice Welcome to Our World

Les Miller’s Northern Light contains another interpretation of Northern Nativity.

Northern Nativity redux  (inspired by William Kurelek)

Loving God, look tenderly on Canada this holy season.

Look upon Yellowknife, longing for a glint of Advent light.

Look upon an Annunciation in Regina, where angel greets girl.

Look upon a pregnant teen at the Moncton bus station as she is joyfully greeted by her cousin.

Look upon a dreaming Joseph above his Sudbury workshop.

Look upon the holy couple as they approach Parliament Hill.

Look upon northern lights dancing your Gloria.

Look upon Okanagan shepherds awed by your heavens.

Look upon our wisdom figures from the Dene, Haida and Ojibwe.

Look upon a humble shed in east-end Montreal underneath the bright lights of a rail sorting yard.

Look upon our refugee family escaping in the night.

Look upon our land in this holy season and give us the eyes to see Christ being born among us.

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