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Prayer Services from the Archdiocese of Dublin

The Text This Week: All Souls Day resources

The Text This Week: All Saints Day resources

All Saints Day resources from Busted Halo

All Soul’s Day Resources from Busted Halo

Renfrew CDSB Monthly Prayer Resources Scroll down to find All Saints and All Souls Resources

Worshiping with Children has interesting educational ideas for Elementary children.

Background information on All Souls’ Day, November 2.All Souls’ Day – Catholic Online

All Saints Day and All Souls Day Lesson Plan Grades 4-6 Loyola Press

Fisheaters overview of religious and cultural dimensions of All Souls’ Day

Toronto CDSB’s All Souls’ Day page with information and prayer/liturgy resources

The Saints Are Among Us from CARFLEO’s Les Miller new book, Northern Light: A Canadian Prayer Book

St. Peter sits on a rock contemplating his locksmith shop in Bonavista.
St. Paul crosses the country on a train, sharing his wisdom at every stop.
St. John writes his gospel as the bald eagles soar overhead on Salt Spring Island.
St. Jerome translates the Bible into Latin with a lion curled at his feet in Calgary’s Central Library.
St. Patrick walks among the green fields of Prince Edward Island talking grace to all who will listen.
Saints Cyril and Methodius celebrate Mass in a Ukrainian mission outside Saskatoon.
St. Agatha comforts the nurses at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto.
St. Augustine debates with St. Thomas at St. Joseph’s College in Edmonton.
St. Francis preaches to the snowy owls outside Iqaluit.
St. Anthony runs the lost and found at Halifax Airport.
St. Catherine kneels in prayer in a Fredericton hospice.
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys leads another class into wisdom in a Mount Royal classroom.
St. Vincent de Paul invites another lost wanderer from the cold streets of Thunder Bay into the shelter.
St. Thérèse and St. André clean the convent with a holy radiance in St. Boniface.
St. Kateri guides the hikers through the Mont Orford woods, making us aware of the sacred layer.
Loving God, open our eyes to these and all the unnamed saints among us.

Reflection Question: What other saints do you imagine in the Canadian landscape? What would they be doing?

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