Thing of Beauty

This is not a quiet, reflect song but rather a joyous celebration of the beauty of creation by Irish rock band, Hothouse Flowers.

Thing of Beauty
Hothouse Flowers
Songs from the Rain

Discussion Questions

  1. How did you react to this video?
  2. What aspects of creation do you find most beautiful?
  3. What elements of scripture and Church history and teaching do you are reflected here?
  4. What change in people’s behaviour does the song imply?
  5. How is the sacred found in this experience?
  6. There is one troubling line in this song: “Set free your morals, It should be written on every door” Do you think the writers of the song are advocating doing whatever you want?

To read a commentary on this song see Thing of Beauty: Hothouse Flowers. Seeing With the Eyes of God

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