You’ll Be In My Heart

Phil Collins song from the Tarzan Soundtrack seems like an unlikely contender for a song prayer. It was, however, a favourite of younger students when we created the presentation nearly 20 years ago! Students were asked to imagine that it was Mary singing to baby Jesus and to them. It also seems to be an appropriate song to reflect on a mother’s love.

Phil Collins
Tarzan Soundtrack

The song, originally written for his daughter Lily was called “Lullaby”, is used in a scene when Tarzan’s adoptive mother sings that her baby should stop crying because she will protect him and keep him safe and warm. She says everything will be fine and she tells him that “you will be in my heart always”. The song is about “how love is a bond that cannot be broken”. – Wikipedia

Reflection Questions

  1. What emotions does the song evoke in you?
  2. In what ways are you like the mother? the child?
  3. How is the song relevant today, over 20 years after it was written?
  4. How do you experience God’s love in this video?

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