Sand and Water

Sand and Water is Beth Neilsen Chapman’s account of her response to her husband’s death and the responsibility of raising their son by herself. It is a song about grieving and searching for meaning in loss. It is a song of extraordinary vulnerability, power and beauty.

Beth Neilsen Chapman
Sand and Water
Album: Sand and Water

Video Divina Reflection Questions for Sand and Water

  1. How did you react to viewing this video?
  2. The singer expresses several different emotions. What are they?
  3. What emotions can you identify from your own experiences?
  4. How does this experience help you to relate with other people?
  5. What would Jesus say to the writer of this song?
  6. Where do you find God in viewing this song?

As a further sign of hope, view this contribution from York Catholic Elementary School Teachers

Links to Bereavement Resources

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