I Am

I am Aaron waiting for Moses at the foot of this mountain but yielding to a thousand despairs.

I am Ruth, a stranger in this strange time gleaning a handful of hopeful straws.

I am Job, looking at cloud shrouded horizons and walking towards a whirlwind.

I am Matthew far from my tax booth in a boat in a storm, yearning for divine peace to wake among us.

I am the hemorrhaging woman reaching through chaos to touch a hem of love.

I am Bartimaeus waiting on Jericho road, longing for clarity, begging for healing.

I am Cleopas walking to Emmaus with Wisdom yet only now beginning to sense a warming heart.

Loving God,

Bless our bewilderment.

Bless our becoming.

Bless our being.


Les Miller


  1. Thank you so much for all the beautiful prayers and songs you have been sharing through this strange and difficult time. It is such a lovely gift!

    • Thank you Janet! I’m happy to share these resources on behalf of CARFLEO. Les.

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