Novalis Resources April 15

Check out these resources from Novalis, Bayard and Living with Christ.

If you are preparing for next Sunday’s Gospel, look at this digital children’s book on Doubting Thomas.

Guided Meditations for Catholic Kids This is a meditation resource for primary students, aged 4 to 9, to introduce children to prayerful meditation. The subject of the excerpt you can listen to is fear. Click here for more information.

Link to Catechist: At Home with the Easter Season

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Living with Christ is offering FREE DOWNLOADS OF DAILY MASS TEXTS: 

Wednesday, April 15th   –   Thursday, April 16th  –   Friday, April 17th  –   Saturday, April 18th  –   Sunday, April 19th

Use this prayer aid for Sunday, April 19th from our Living with Christ Prayer Journal 2019-2020 to help enrich your prayer experience during this Easter season.

Things you can do at home at Easter , from One Home at a Time: Realizing and Living Out Our Domestic Church , by John B. Kostoff and Patricia Dal Ben


New Book From Novalis

Novalis has published a new book from CARFLEO Award winner Michael Way Skinner and his wife Christine Way Skinner:

A story is told, possibly fictitious but nevertheless true, of a psychology experiment investigating attitudes of pessimism and optimism in children. One child was shown a room full of toys. That child was told that he had the afternoon to play in the room with whatever he liked. After an hour, the child was sitting in the room despondent. The psychologist asked him what was making him so unhappy. He responded that although there were a great many toys, he couldn’t decide which one to play with first. A second child was taken to an empty barn filled with horse manure. This child walked into the barn and smiled. She picked up a nearby shovel and began digging into the manure and tossing it about with joyful exuberance. After an hour, the psychologist saw that the child was still happily exploring every inch of the space with a huge, excited smile on her face. When asked why she was so happy, she replied, “With this much poop around, there must be a pony here somewhere!” This story is a perfect illustration of our capacity as human beings to fail to see the abundance that surrounds us. The more we nourish our ability to hope for ponies because we know that where there is pony poop there must be a pony somewhere, the more likely we are to be happy people. One of the best ways to do this is to develop an intentional practice of looking for signs of God’s presence and goodness in the ordinary events of daily life. Through stories filled with humour and warmth, the Way Skinners book is an attempt to do just that. More …

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