Easter Triduum Worship 2020

Dan Schutte, the well known liturgical musician, has created a virtual worship resource for this year.

Worshiping with the Communion of Saints

As we try to make our way through this worldwide pandemic, we’re learning new ways of being together while trying to stay physically apart. This situation affects all aspects of our lives, including the way we worship. As we approach the days of Easter Triduum, perhaps we can imagine being together for those holy days as the Communion of Saints. Through music and images we can still make our Paschal journey together while still being apart. Let us hold each other close during this time. Resources

See also his article in the National Catholic Reporter with many of these resources.

From Living With Christ, free downloads of Daily Mass texts: Thursday, April 9th  –   Friday, April 10th  –   Saturday, April 11th  –   Sunday, April 12th  –   Monday, April 13th

Visio Divina for Holy Thursday from CARFLEO: Jesus Washing of the Feet of Peter

Stations of the Cross Information from the Archdiocese of Toronto

COVID-19: Decree regarding the celebration of the Easter Triduum

The Congregation for Divine Worship releases a Decree dated 25 March, updating “the general indications and suggestions already given to Bishops” in a previous decree from 19 March.

CARFLEO Song Reflections that can be used for Prayer Reflections

Holy Thursday: Servant Song | To Be A Servant | One Bread, One Body | Ubi Caritas

Good Friday: Were You There | Jesus Remember Me

Holy Saturday: Be Still |

Easter Sunday: Agnus Dei (Being developed) | Peace Prayer (Being developed)

Easter Monday: Open the Eyes of My Heart (Being developed)

10 Ways to Help Children Appreciate the Triduum Joyce Donohue – Loyola Press

Triduum Infographic

From the Archdiocese of Toronto

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