Holy Week Told Through 100 Paintings

From Christian.Art.com The Holy Week Told Through 100 Paintings


Teaching Activity for The Holy Week Told Through 100 Paintings

Before Viewing:

  1. Write down or tell a family member the sequence of events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
  2. Make sure you know these terms that appear in the video: Passover, Jerusalem, Pharisees, Caiaphas, Judas, Gethsemane, Malchus, Pilate, Stations of the Cross, Condemned to death, Simon of Cyrene, Veronica. If you don’t know the words or terms, look them up or ask someone.


3. As you are watching the video, think about:

  • what surprises you?
  • what questions you have about these events?

If you want to slow down the video, open it in Youtube, Go to the gear (settings) icon and select playback speed.

4. Discuss your responses with a family member

5. Revise the timeline you made before viewing the video.

OPTIONAL Extension:

6. Select one to three images that you want to explore in more detail. Stop the video at the point where they show up. Record the artist and the event, then search the internet for information about it. For each work, record this information:

a) Why did this work grab your attention?

b) Imagine you are in this scene. What would you have seen? heard? smelled? felt?

c) What do you think that the artist is trying to teach us in this work?

d) How is God’s love shown in this work?

After Viewing:

7. What did you learn during this activity?

8. How did this activity draw you closer to God?

9. Conclude by offering a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

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