Love Never Fails

The words to I Corinthians 13 set to music by J.S. Bach and performed by Jim Brickman and Amy Sky. The photos reflect the gratitude we feel for those who are combating this pandemic.

Love Never Fails
Jim Brickman and Amy Sky
Album: Love Songs and Lullabies

Reflection Questions

  1. What is love?
  2. The words from this song come from I Corinthians 13. What are the most important characteristics of love in this passage?
  3. How is the popular understanding of love similar and different from the understanding of love in this song?
  4. Love can be seen as more than feelings but also including a series of actions and decisions to help others. How does the video demonstrate this understanding?
  5. The Holy Spirit is the great teacher of love. What does God want to teach us about love?

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