A Catholic Perspective Monographs

A Catholic Perspective is a publishing project of the Institute for Catholic Education, offered to encourage discussion and reflection on topics relevant to teachers, educational leaders working in Catholic schools, and members of the broader Catholic educational community, as part of the mandate to develop foundational documents in Catholic educational practice. The monographs are intended to ensure that professional practice and dialogue remain grounded in the distinctive perspective of our Catholic faith. The Project is comprised of four series: i) Identity and Mission for Catholic Schools ii) Curriculum and Educational Practice for Catholic Schools iii) Contemporary Issues and Challenges for Catholic Schools and iv) Renewing the Promise – Exploring Challenges and Opportunities. – from the ICE website.

Identity and Mission

The More… The More

A Eucharistic Sensibility

Curriculum and Educational Practice

Christian Meditation

Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGEs): A Framework for Curriculum Development

Implementing the Health & Physical Education Curriculum 

Grace for All: Sacraments and Children with Special Needs in Our Catholic Schools

Contemporary Issues and Challenges for Catholic Schools

Understanding Well-Being from a Catholic Perspective

Heart, Head and Hands: A Framework for Considering Contemporary Issues in Catholic Education

Let the Gospels Lead the Way 

Understanding and Cultivating Authentic Community

Inspiring Students to Love God More 

Developing Faith and Identity in Our School Community 

The Hope in Our Hearts: Living Our Faith Every Day

Engaging Student Voice: Courage on the Journey 

Shepherding and Serving 

Shepherding and Serving – Leadership Placemat

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