Communion Through Community

Communion Through Community is an online platform where primary teachers can engage virtually with their students through numerous activities.  These engaging exercises for students are free, and downloadable.

This resource has been designed to support the learning about the Sacrament of First Holy Communion which is introduced in the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ religion program.

Communion Through Community also makes implicit connections to the Religious Education Policy Document, and Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.

Teachers should be aware that this resource is supplementary and not mandatory. However, if you are assisting in the sacramental preparation of your students, it may be helpful to use many of the activities that are offered.

This resource is encouraged  to be used within the classroom but allows for learning through the local parish as well.

By visiting this website, teachers will be able to explore the numerous activities that have been designed to enable the learner to be creative, communicate, and think critically. With the use of technology, schools are able to collaborate with one another; meeting online throughout the school year.  A tentative virtual schedule is also provided. 

This resource has the flexibility to be used in a single classroom setting or shared among several classes in the same school. One of the most exciting features of this program is that it is offered entirely in both English and French. Source: CCC and Communion Through Community website

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