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The Catholic Liturgical Calendar for 2019-2020 in Canada – Year A.

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From 25 Questions about Signs and Symbols by Les Miller, Novalis

57. Why does the Church use different colours at different times of the year?

Advent marks the beginning of the Church year. Each year is marked by a different set of readings from the Bible in its worship. Advent is followed by Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Easter and then Ordinary Time for the rest of the Church year. Each season has its own colour that we see in the cloths at church and the clothing worn by the priest:

Purple has several meanings, including suffering and penance as well as royalty. It is used during Advent and Lent, which are both times of preparation. The royalty of the cloth refers to Christ, who is our spiritual ruler.

White represents purity and holiness and is worn at the important feasts of Christmas and Easter. White is also worn at baptisms and funerals.

Green is worn during Ordinary Time, when we are not celebrating special feasts or seasons. It is the colour of living vegetation and represents life and growth.

Red is used on special occasions such as Pentecost and feast days of the saints who were martyrs. The red of Pentecost reminds us of the tongues of flame that appeared as the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples. Red is also the colour of blood shed by many of the saintly martyrs.

The colour of the robes worn by the priest is not intended to be a fashion statement. Colours have their own language and meaning. Knowing that language can help us to understand the Mass more deeply.

  • Pink or rose is worn twice a year, on the third Sunday of Advent and on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This colour represents joy. We also light a pink Advent candle on the third Sunday of Advent.
  • Gold is sometimes used at Christmas and Easter Masses to stress the special nature of this celebration.

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