Catholic Education Week Resources

Resources for CATHOLIC EDUCATION WEEK – MAY 6 – MAY 11, 2018

The theme for Catholic Education Week 2018, “Renewing the Promise,” reminds us that publicly funded Catholic education is a call to service. Regardless of our position or our responsibilities within Catholic education, our role is a call, birthed in our Baptism, to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ into the lives of those students and their families whom it is our privilege to serve. The 2018 CEW theme is drawn from the name of the pastoral letter by the Ontario Bishops on Catholic education to be released in the Spring of 2018. It is in logical succession to their previous letters on Catholic education in Ontario namely, “This Moment of Promise” (1989), “Fulfilling the Promise” (1993), and the report, “Our Catholic Schools (2006-2007). This upcoming letter will draw inspiration from the public consultations with Catholic stakeholders organized by ICE and OPECO since last summer. The goal of these consultations and the pastoral letter is to present a commentary on the contemporary role of Catholic education and its importance to Catholics in Ontario. – from the Memo by Dr. Brian Sullivan of the  Ontario Catholic Trustees Association


Community Resources & Sample Templates
Cover Page
Draft Letter to Media
April School Newsletter
Parish Bulletin Announcement
Sample Church Presentation

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Book List
A Prayer Service for Large Assembly/A Eucharistic Celebration

Day 1 Opening Prayer
Day 1 Lesson Plans
Day 2 Opening Prayer
Day 2 Lesson Plans
Day 3 Opening Prayer
Day 3 Lesson Plans
Day 4 Opening Prayer
Day 4 Lesson Plans
Day 5 Opening Prayer
Day 5 Lessons Plans

Faith Play Day
Living Rosary
Scripture Readings & Quotes


Secondary Package

Province-Wide Mass
Province-Wide Mass Package

Cover Page
Lyrics (English)
Lyrics (French)
Sheet Music (English)
Sheet Music (French)
Audio (English)
Audio (French)
Audio (Instrumental)

Order Form for Additional Posters

Advance Kit

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