CARFLEO Conference March 22 & 23

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Conference Flyer 2018.

Brochure for the CARFLEO Conference 2018

To register go to www.intelliga.caEvent Number = 1154

Remember to nominate worthy recipients of CARFLEO Awards.

Do you know an outstanding Religious Educator or Family Life Educator? Then consider nominating them for  a CARFLEO award. Every year CARFLEO recognizes outstanding Ontario Catholic educators in the fields of Religious Education (Archbishop Pocock Award) and Family Life Education (Fr. Angus MacDougall Award).

The deadline is 9:00am on February 28, 2018.  The awards will be presented at the CARFLEO Conference on March 22  and 23, 2018 at Queen of Apostles, Mississauga.

CARFLEO Executive Nominations

The election of CARFLEO Executive takes place every two years and will be held as part of CARFLEO’s Annual General Meeting on March 22, 2018 at Queen of Apostles in Mississauga. Download the Nomination Form.

Rules of nomination and election

Voting is conducted by secret ballot. All voters must be present at the CARFLEO AGM. Nominees not present at the meeting must indicate their acceptance of the nomination in writing prior to the election. The nominee and their supervisory officer must sign the nomination. The term of office is two years. The next terms begins September 2018. Nominees must be active members of CARFLEO and currently employed with an Ontario Catholic School Board. Nominations must be received no later then February 28, 2018

The Elected Executive consists of:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  •  Secretary

To nominate a member of CARFLEO for election to the executive, please complete and submit the attached form.

The Role of the Chair

  • Call and chair all meetings both executive and AGM
  • Supervise the following:
    • The writing of the newsletter
    • The annual AGM
    • The appointment of a communications officer and chairs for all standing committees
    • All recommended conferences
      • Represent CARFLEO, or appoint a delegate, whenever a CARFLEO representative is requested to sit on another associations committees.
  • Liaison with the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of Ontario and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (Education Committee) as required
  • Attend the Annual AGM and the CARFLEO Conference
  • Prepare an Annual Presidents report for the AGM
  • At the end of term of office, supply a written report to the incoming Chair outlining ongoing projects and proposed projects
  • The Chair may head one of the sub-committees.

The Role of the Secretary

  • Handle all correspondence for the association
  • Ensure that all correspondence contains the appropriate letterhead
  • Keep minutes for all meetings both executive and AGM
  • Collect and collate Election and Award nominations
  • Edit and distribute newsletters
  • Revise and distribute an annual directory of Boards and contact persons for all membership boards.
  • Prepare written minutes for the AGM
  • At the end of term of office, provide all recorded minutes to the incoming secretary and an electronic copy of the CARFLEO letterhead with Logo.

The Role of the Treasurer

  • Maintain accounts for the association
  • Pay all approved bills
  • Report on the budget at all meetings of the executive and the AGM
  • Prepare an annual budget for the membership to be distributed at the AGM
  • Collect and collate all Membership and Conference Registrations

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