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The Vatican website has a large array of useful resources for Catholic Educators.

Livestream of St. Peter’s Square is the main website for the Vatican. Here you can access:

Daily News Bulletins

Calendar of Papal events


Vatican News 

“Vatican News is the new information system of the Holy See. It began on June 27th 2015 with the publication of a Motu Proprio by Pope Francis which announced the creation of a new Dicastery of the Roman Curia: the Vatican Secretariat for Communication.

Vatican News goes beyond the idea of simple digital convergence by responding to, and even anticipating, the continual changes concerning where and how we communicate. It finds its expression and interaction on a platform that is multilingual, multicultural, multichannel, multimedia and multidevice.

There are four categories providing information on the activities of the Pope, the Vatican, local Churches and world news updates. A “super editorial team”, initially composed of six language departments (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese), will later expand to include another 33 languages. Their purpose is not just to inform, but to offer a key to interpreting news and information in the light of the Gospel.” – from their “About Us” page.



Saint of the Day

Resource Library

Vatican on Social Media:

Vatican News community exceeds 4 million users on social media following recent restructuring of platforms

A community that exceeds 4 million users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This is the latest result of the reorganization of the social media channels of the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, unified under the recently presented Vatican News logo.


Vatican City State Website

The website of the tiny country that hosts the centre of Catholicism. See also links to Vatican RadioVatican Museums OnlineOsservatore Romano


Vatican websites


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