Saints Timothy and Titus

January 26 is the Feast Day of Saints Timothy and Titus.

From Sr. Pat’s Catholic Update: “Sts. Timothy and Titus, first century bishops and martyrs, are celebrated together because of their joint association with St. Paul. Timothy is first mentioned in Acts 16:1-2, when Paul visits Lystra, in what is now Turkey. Timothy’s mother was Jewish, Paul circumcised him so he would be accompanied Paul on some of his journeys, and he is the one addressed in the Letters to Timothy in the [Christian Scriptures.] Tradition says that Paul made him bishop of Ephesus in 65. He was martyred by stoning in either the year 65 or 80 for preaching against the worship of idols. St. Titus was also a disciple and companion of St. Paul. He was probably a Gentile, and Paul refused to have him circumcised because the Gospel freed Gentiles from the Law of Moses. Although he is not mentioned in Acts, he is mentioned several times in Paul’s letters and was probably commissioned to preach to the Gentiles. According to Paul, Titus was with Paul and Timothy at Ephesus and was sent to Macedonia to collect alms for the Christians in Jerusalem. He also spent time in Macedonia, Crete, and Dalmatia in modern day Croatia. Tradition says that he was a bishop in Crete and died in the year 107.” Companion to the Calendar – A guide to the Saints, Seasons, and Holidays of the Year, Second Edition, page 40

Sts. Timothy and Titus, inspire us to live our faith in good times and in the challenging times. Fan into a flame the spirit of God that lives in you!

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