Catholic Education Week 2018 January Prayer Service

The Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association has published a series of prayer services for adults in the Catholic school system in preparation for May’s Catholic Education Week.

January 2018

“The Promise is Within You”


Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord ~Michael W. Smith

Here I am Lord ~Dan Schutte


God of all people,

You have anointed us with the seal of your love at our Baptism.

We thank you for your spirit and the gift of hope that lies within us.

Strengthen us, that we may hear your word and know it written in our hearts.

May we always be mindful of the promise given to us in Baptism, the promise that we carry within us.

We make this prayer in the name of your son, our Lord and brother. Amen. +

READING: A Reading from the Book of Deuteronomy

Surely this commandment that I am commanding you today is not too hard for you, nor is it too far away. It is not in Heaven that you should say, “Who will go up to Heaven for us, and get it for us, so that we may hear and observe it?” Neither is it beyond the sea that you should say, “Who will cross to the other side of the sea for us, and get it for us so that we may hear and observe it?” No, the word is very near to you; it is in your mouth and in your heart for you to observe.

The Word of the Lord. R. Thanks be to God. 


The symbols of Baptism remind us that we are called to God’s love to others. The candle reminds us that we are light for the world. Marked with new life in Christ, we hear God’s word and apply it to our lives. How have you experienced the word “near to you” in Catholic education? How has hearing the word strengthened you to live your faith? Why do you see the need to pass this promise on to future generations?


“As a part of his mysterious love for humanity, God furnishes the totality of the faithful with an instinct of faith-sensus fidei which helps them to discern what is truly of God. The presence of the spirit gives Christians a certain connaturality with divine realities, and a wisdom which enables them to grasp those realities intuitively, even when they lack the wherewithal to give them precise expression.”

~Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, #119, Evangelii Gaudium

In this quote, Pope Francis speaks how this promise lives within us. How does the instinct of faith speak in your life? How do you think the word of God, the promise written on our hearts, has formed you as a person of faith? Do you think your “sensus fidei” influences your world view?


Loving God,

Thank you for your spirit dwelling within us.

Continue to give us wisdom through your Holy word and shower us with your grace, that we may bring the joy of this promise to others.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, brother, teacher and friend. Amen. +


This Little Light of Mine

I Love You and You are Mine ~David Haas

Source: Advance Kit

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