Kindergarten Religious Education Resources

Update 2019: The Religious Education for Kindergarten program has been approved. Click on this link to view Religious Education for Kindergarten

Ontario Catholic Curriculum CorporationA Framework for Kindergarten in Catholic Schools In God’s Image (2007)

A Framework for Kindergarten in Catholic Schools is an attempt to highlight the appropriateness and continued currency of the In God’s Image for four and five year old students, and to recognize and highlight the connections to The Ontario Kindergarten Program 2006 – Revised. This framework demonstrates how the activities found In God’s Image are relevant and can be used to meet many of the expectations in the Ontario
Kindergarten Program 2006 – Revised

ResourceLink from Australia

ResourceLink from Brisbane, Australia has created a range of resources to support Religious Education in Early Childhood. Included are short Bible stories in video form specifically aimed at the P-3 year levels.

Alberta Religious Education Kindergarten Program (In God’s Image) for Separate Schools.
Religious education crosses all seven of the learning areas described in the Kindergarten Program Statement PDF. In God’s Image, the Kindergarten religion program, consists of 8 modules containing 33 themes that can be sequenced by the teacher to best respond to the particular needs and interests of each class.

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