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The Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Corporation (EOCCC ) has some wonderful resources


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Mission Statement

The basic philosophy of the Corporation is that people come together as a Catholic Community to share their resources, so as to enable the group to achieve more together, than they could individually.  However, local autonomy will be fully respected and supported by the operations of the Corporation.  Each participating school board keeps full control of its local curriculum by only participating in Corporation projects and by only using those cooperatively developed documents which it feels it needs.
The Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Corporation is committed to sharing of human and physical resources required for the delivery of curriculum review, development and implementation services and in-service education among the Catholic school boards of Eastern Ontario.


To provide Eastern Ontario Catholic Schools with well-developed Catholic curriculum documents and support materials which meet Ministry of Education requirements, while reflecting the beliefs and values of the Catholic faith community.
  • Respond to local and provincial initiatives and directions within the context of our mission in Catholic education. Our activities, responses and and interactions with our partners need to be animated through the person of Jesus Christ
  • To assist member boards to provide high quality in-service education
  • To provide member boards with the means through a sharing process to develop the knowledge and talents of their Catholic teachers in the areas of curriculum review, development and implementation
  • To support member boards to implement ‘Catholicity Across the Curriculum’;
  • To provide member boards with a cost effective method of reviewing, developing, and implementing curriculum
  • To provide the Ministry of Education, the Assembly of Catholic Bishops, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association, the Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario and other related groups with an efficient mechanism for interacting with a large number of partners
  • To provide a vehicle to foster a collaborative process at the provincial, regional and local levels.

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