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Looking for some Summer Reading for your professional development? Here are links to selected articles from the Journal of Religious Education (Loyola Marymount)

 The Journal of Catholic Education (formerly Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice) is an open access journal representing Catholic colleges and universities, Catholic education leaders, and scholars from a variety of disciplines who are collectively committed to contributing research and encouraging best practice in Catholic elementary, secondary, and higher education by advancing the field of Catholic educational research.- from their website

Forming the Whole Disciple: A Guide to Crafting a Truly Holistic Catholic Religious Education
Patrick R. Manning

Recovering the Social Dimension of Reflection
Martin Thomas Connell

Nostra Aetate and the Religious Literacy of Catholic Students
Cyndi Nienhaus CSA

Administrator and Teachers’ Perceptions of School Success in a Publicly Funded Catholic School in Ontario, Canada
Katina Pollock

Teaching a Catholic Philosophy of Interpersonal Communication: The Case for “Soul Friendship”
Kathleen Glenister Roberts

The Educational Achievement Gap as a Social Justice Issue for Teacher Educators
Rachel Collopy, Connie Bowman, and David A. Taylor

Bringing Eyes of Faith to Film: Using Popular Movies to Cultivate a Sacramental Imagination and Improve Media Literacy in Adolescents
Charles B. Gordon and Karen E. Eifler

The Charism of 21st-Century Catholic Schools: Building a Culture of Relationships
Timothy J Cook and S. J, Thomas A. Simonds

What Is Assumed about a Catholic Student’s Ecclesial Agency, and Why It Matters to Catholic Schooling
Graham P. McDonough

Spiritual vs. Religious: Perspectives from Today’s Undergraduate Catholics
Dawn V. Overstreet

The Problem of Catholic School Teachers Deferring to the Home on Controversial Religious Issues
Graham P. McDonough

Responding to the Demands of Assessment and Evaluation in Catholic Education
Leanne M. Kallemeyn

Nurturing Spirituality and Vocation: A Catholic Approach to New Teacher Induction
Richard Shields

Toward a Pedagogy Grounded in Christian Spirituality
Gini Shimabukuro

Ten Dimensions of Inclusion: Non-Catholic Students in Catholic Schools
J. Kent Donlevy

Justice Education as a Schoolwide Effort: Effective Religious Education in the Catholic School
Michael P. Horan

Education for Peace and Justice
John L. Elias

What Are Catholic Schools Teaching to Make a Difference? A Literature Review of Curriculum Studies in Catholic Schools in the U.S. and the U.K. since 1993
Juan Cristobal Garcia-Huidobro

Using the News to Enhance Critical Thinking and Engagement in Middle and High School Students
Jessica Walters

Keeping Classrooms Christ-Centered in One-to-One Technology Classrooms
Carol Wyatt

Students with Developmental Disabilities in Catholic Schools: Examples in Primary and Secondary Settings
Meghan M. Burke and Megan M. Griffin

What Can Jesus Teach Us About Student Engagement?
Glenn James, Elda Martinez, and Sherry Herbers

Educating for Social Justice: Drawing from Catholic Social Teaching
James R. Valadez and Philip S. Mirci Dr. (Ph.D.)

Aquinas on Inclusion: Using the Good Doctor and Catholic Social Teaching to Build a Moral Case for Inclusion in Catholic Schools for Children with Special Needs
Mary Carlson

Recovering the Social Dimension of Reflection
Martin Thomas Connell

The Catholic School as a Courtyard of the Gentiles
Leonardo Franchi

Forming the Whole Disciple: A Guide to Crafting a Truly Holistic Catholic Religious Education
Patrick R. Manning



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