Nativity Paintings from Around the World

Tsugouharu Foujita
French, born Japan, 1886-1968 Nativity, n.d.

The Jesus Question posted two selections in 2011 and 2015 and

A Selection of Nativity paintings  mostly from European sources at Bible Paintings: The Birth of Christ

Christine Way Skinner curates a Pinterest Board featuring nativity paintings from around the world Also see Sherrie Lewis extensive board

Wikimedia’s Nativity Images

Nativity Scenes in Renaissance Tuscan art

The Birth of Jesus in Art: 20 Gorgeous Paintings of the Nativity, Magi, and Shepherds: The Catholic Household

The 10 best Christmas story paintings: The Guardian

The shepherds’ and Magi’s adoration of the Christ Child are key
elements of the larger nativity cycle, the story of the birth of Jesus.
How does the traditional iconography used to depict these two
stories in art reveal the theological depths of the Nativity? (Contains a lesson plan)

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