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This site is also a global information source on bioethics news and issues from around the world. This site would greatly enhance the teacher’s ability to instruct his/her students about issues involved in Religious and Family Life Education.  This site has the latest information on a variety of bioethical topics. — Charles LeBlanc

This website is similar to an online magazine that deals with many important and relevant bioethical issues that exist in the world today. While it is not based exclusively on Catholic ethics there are many headings that Catholic educators may find beneficial and insightful. Although the articles and links found on this site are primarily American, the issues discussed are those that affect the entire world. The rapid pace of technological advancement is a good indication of how important it is for educators to have as many resources as possible to shed some light on issues that will inevitably come up in some shape or form in our classrooms. — N. Pietrangelo

Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute

This web site contains the goals and rationale of The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute, its history, information on the director and the members who comprise the advisory board, and information on upcoming events. Currently this site provides a Media Watch for any news items and press releases related to bioethics, as well as a Links option, which connects to many relevant associations and institutes. When fully completed, this site will also contain a list of relevant publications, documents, and presentations,
This web site would be very beneficial to Catholic educators who are interested in bioethics from a Catholic perspective, for personal spiritual and/or professional development. As stated in the goals of the institute the number and complexity of ethical issues that are proliferating in medicine and the life sciences demand a concerted and well-deliberated response from the Catholic community. This site would also be useful for educators responsible for courses and/or units, which address social justice issues, such as bioethics, religious education and biology courses. Furthermore, given that developments in biotechnology are progressing at an exponential rate, students are more likely than ever to inquire and seek clarification on these developments. Catholic teachers should be prepared to offer a Catholic perspective. — J. Babic

CERC-Catholic Education Resource Center: Ethical Issues

“Since its inception, CERC has been compiling an Internet resource library and publishing a weekly E-Letter made up of the most compelling and convincing articles we can find on the big issues in the faith and culture category. CERC is educating a broad range of Catholics and enquiring non-Catholics about the positive role the Catholic Church has played and continues to play in the world. In addition, CERC has become a clearinghouse for the best well-reasoned responses to the secular culture’s widespread assaults on and misunderstandings of the Catholic faith.” From their About Us page


Centre for Bioethics and Human Dignity

This site was useful when researching the pro-life opinions of the medical profession regarding issues such as bioethics and human cloning. The centre, according to the site, was founded by a group of leading Christian bioethicists gathered to, “…assess the noticeable lack of explicit Christian engagement in the crucial bioethics arena.” Many articles, discussions and responses are posted on the site related to current research and responses surrounding such important and controversial issues as: bioethics, cloning, death and dying, genetics, reproductive ethics and stem cell research. This site can be useful to teachers because it would encourage students in a constructive format, to read about from a Catholic or Christian perspective, topics which are currently being dissected in the media. Much of the information offered on this site is geared toward the Intermediate/Senior level student. It is important to offer a Catholic perspective to the students and encourage them to understand that they are living a faith that demands, from a medical perspective, ethical and moral consideration of every human being.–Jamie Travis

Christian Aid: HIV/AIDS

This site gives information about poverty, the christian churches, signs of hope, what Christian Aid is doing, health care and support, education, etc. It includes statistics on people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. There is also a video available for viewing. This site could be used to help students research about HIV/AIDS.

Health Care Ethics

A compilation of links prepared and rated by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University

National Catholic Bioethics Institute

The National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC), established in 1972, conducts research, consultation, publishing and education to promote human dignity in health care and the life sciences, and derives its message directly from the teachings of the Catholic Church. –website

MedlinePlus: End of Life Issues

Secular Site. This website is particularly helpful for anyone seeking information of death and dying. This website deals with information from death, dying and bereavment processes. It also deals with specific issues such as: how to discuss this with children, interacting with terminally ill people and guide to the dying person. There are also other weblinks to other resources such as financial counselors, community directories and organizations such as support groups.–Sonia Zarpellon

Teaching of the magisterium on abortion

This website is dedicated to clarify the importance of how we should show our respect to human life, and that is by integrating the fifth commandment (you shall not kill) and who ever kills shall be liable to judgement. This is a great resource for Catholic educators when it comes to explaining the concept of the fifth commandment as well as the concept of the magisterium on abortion to their students. The links on the website, explain how human life is sacred because it involves the creative action of God . Furthermore, the website explains what the catechism of the Catholic church says about life, abortion, and euthanasia.– Tamara Farage

Canadian Physicians For Life

I believe this is a useful website, first of all, because it contains Canadian content. This is important because I often find while searching for information in the Internet, that the websites relevant but not Canadian, and therefore I can identify but not as well as if what I was reading was relaying a Canadian perspective. The topics which this website best supports are that of Euthanasia, Abortion, Cloning and Bioethics and Compassionate Palliative Care. This site would be best suited for Intermediate/Senior students to better help them understand the pro-life views of many professionals in the medical and science world.–Jamie Travis

Questia: Bioethics

This site is a global information site on bioethics and also contains a host of related resources that teachers will find easy to navigate. This site is searchable by word, phrase, title, author or subject.  The site contains hundreds of books, magazines, and articles.

Theology Library: Medical Ethics

A series of links to articles produced by Springhill College’s Theology Library.

NIH Stem Cell information Home Page 

This is the official website of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland. The website provides an excellent summary of definitions, terms and procedures commonly used in stem cell research. It discusses the possible research applications of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. It would be a good resource for someone wanting to have an informed discussion of the bioethics of stem cell research. It DOES NOT however reflect the Catholic stance on Stem Cell research.

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