You Give Them Something to Eat

yougavethemFrom the Canadian Bishops

A new electronic resource and guide to assist pastoral planning for youth ministry in Canada is now available through CCCB Publications. Prepared by a team of Canadian youth ministers, and entitled You Give Them Something to Eat, this 70-page text can be used by dioceses, eparchies, parishes, youth groups and organizations to assist in reflections on youth ministry, to identify strengths and weaknesses in current approaches, and to build an outreach ministry that meets the needs of young people. The Most Reverend Brian Dunn, Bishop of Antigonish, points out in the preface that “The authors of this resource are all seasoned and skilled youth ministers, parents, teachers and pastoral ministers with a great love for young people and for this ministry.” The resource has three main sections: 1) The Context – Where does Youth Ministry take place?; 2) Goals – What does Youth Ministry aim to do?; and 3) Elements of a vision for Youth Ministry. The resource can be freely downloaded for personal and pastoral use.

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