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L’Arche offers high quality supplementary course materials designed to inspire young people with a vision of a world where everyone belongs and can make a contribution. This is the vision of Jean Vanier–a vision of which L’Arche is one manifestation. “You can choose…You can do something beautiful with your lives” Vanier tell today’s youth. L’Arche materials are written by professional educators and have received excellent evaluations from public, private and Catholic school teachers and principals and from ministry officials. — website

Dance in the Shadow Kit

This kit is built around the video clips on the DVD-ROM Dance in the Shadow: The Unfolding Story of Rebecca Beayni . The videos introduce students to the mutually empowering experience of dance with someone who uses a wheelchair.

The kit consists of 11 short videos and 6 PDFs, 5 of which have appendices in Word containing only the Questions for Students.  All users should begin with PDF 1, the Introduction. Other PDFs relate to 2015 learning expectations for:

  • Grade 6 Language and Social Studies
  • Grade 10 and 11 Arts (Dance)
  • Grade 11 Leadership/Peer support OR Guidance
  • Grade 10 Religion (Ontario Catholic curriculum)

The 6th PDF offers suggestions for use for Retreats and Conferences

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