Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute

Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute (CCBI)

Mission Statement: To promote and protect the dignity of the human person through interdisciplinary ethics research and education in health care and the life sciences.

Statement of Principles

  • Promote the dignity of each person through every stage of life;
  • Promote an ethos of life and the virtues of respect, benevolence, compassion, and justice in the context of contemporary health care;
  • Work with a special commitment to those who are poor and most vulnerable;
  • Be an effective resource within the Church and in our society through the Institute’s unique contribution to ethics research within the context of a Catholic tradition;
  • Commit to ethics education in health care and the life sciences;
  • Collaborate with related organizations to provide services to the Church and society based on intellectual inquiry, and reasoned, rigorous reflection on moral issues that promote understanding an application of the Church’s teaching and the enhancement of human dignity and freedom.

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