The Human Person, Love & Sexuality

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A new resource from the Bishops of Ontario (ACBO): The Human Person, Love and Sexuality or here

This document is intended as a resource for Catholic educators in their work of teaching the Human Development and Sexual Health elements of the 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Its aim is to present and explain the vision of the human person, love, and sexuality that underlies the teachings of the Catholic faith, setting this vision within the broader framework of the moral and spiritual life.
This document is divided into two parts. In the first part we will present the Catholic Christian vision of human life and love, including the meaning of sexuality, chastity and marriage. This is the essential context for understanding the Church’s teaching in the area of same-sex attraction and gender identity, and we hope that it might assist Catholic educators not only in their work of handing on the Catholic faith to their students, but also as a guide for providing pastoral care. In the second part of this document, we will consider how the integral vision of the human person, love, and sexuality shapes the Catholic faith’s approach to questions of sexual identity. We will also consider the meaning and purpose of the Church’s approach to pastoral care, as well practical guidance for offering pastoral care to those who are experiencing feelings of same-sex attraction or in some way questioning their sexual or gender identity.  Page 4.

See also the Catholic Register article, “Ontario bishops: sex-ed instruction must remain true to Church teaching

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