Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF)


The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) was co-founded by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) and the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. –from the COLF Website

Our Mission

COLF’s mission is to build a culture of life and a civilization of love by promoting respect for human life and dignity and the essential role of the family.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the teaching of the Catholic Church on the inherent dignity of the human person and on respect for human life in all circumstances and at all stages of development, from conception to natural death;
  • To promote the teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage and the family, along with the fundamental role of the family in society;
  • To educate and support Christian families in their mission in the Church and in the world.

Our Strategies

  • Studying and deepening our understanding of the major social and ethical questions pertaining to family and life issues, in order to anticipate their social and spiritual impact;
  • Participating at the national level in the public debate on questions that have an impact on the family or on respect for human life;
  • Preparing pastoral and educational materials;
  • Participating in the orientation and development of the CCCB’s activities concerning respect for life and the promotion of the role of the family, including the development of a vision and national long-term pastoral plan for life and family, along with strategies and materials for its implementation; Promoting the initiatives of the Holy See regarding these matters.
  • By maintaining links with dioceses and groups engaged in promoting the family, natural family planning and respect for human life from conception to natural death.
  • In today’s pluralistic society, COLF is conscious of the great need for education that will promote the values of love, respect and solidarity. Issues that fall within our mandate include: abortion, euthanasia, new reproductive and Biotechnologies such as cloning and embryonic stem cell research, as well as marriage, natural family planning, child rearing, the concerns of the ill and the elderly, capital punishment, the economy and the family, education, the spirituality of the family and the role of Christians in public life, etc.

Our Partners

  • COLF is an independent entity and speaks in its own name on subjects within its mandate. It also works in close collaboration with the CCCB and the Knights of Columbus. COLF’s office is on the CCCB premises.
  • Contacts between COLF and its partners are assured by the CCCB appointing two bishops and the Knights of Columbus appointing two of its members to the Board of Directors. Good communication is maintained by the circulation of information and Board decisions to the CCCB and the Knights of Columbus.


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