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Vocation & Spirituality

‘Light of Faith’: Key Themes from Pope Francis’ First Encyclical

A Look at Pope Benedict’s New Encyclical Christ Our Hope

A Prayer-a-Day for Advent

A Prayer-a-Day for Lent With Daily Faith Heroes

A Tour of a Catholic Church

Ash Wednesday: Our Shifting Understanding of Lent

Baptism Our Lifelong Call

Being Catholic Today Light to the Nations

Being Truly Catholic Today

Catholic Schools Today Why They’re Right for Your Child

Catholic Schools—I’d Choose Them Again

Catholic Schools: Six Secrets of Success

Catholics and Health Care: They Go Together

Conversion: Being Born Again and Again and Again

Creating a Culture of Vocation

Do Catholics Worship Images?

Easter Springs to Life

Eight Good Reasons for Being Catholic

Faithful Simplicity

Father, Sister, Brother, Deacon: Is God Calling Me?

Five Guidelines for Discerning Your Vocation

God Is Love

God’s Love Is Free The Banquet Says It All

Halloween: A Season of Saints

Healing Your Painful Memories

How Catholics Understand Grace

How God Invites Us to Grow Six Stages of Faith Development

How Halloween Can Be Redeemed

How to Handle Anger With God

How to Raise Kids with Faith

Laughing With the Saints

Many Faces in God’s House

Mary: Mother of God and Our Mother

Mother Teresa’s Dark Night

My Vision for the Church

Natural Family Planning Key to Intimacy

Nine Things That Make Us Catholic

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Prayer for the Jubilee

Ordinary Things, Sacred Meaning

Pope Francis

Praydreaming: Key to Discernment

Praying for Christian Unity 100-year Anniversary of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Praying the Our Father With the Pope

Praying With Lenten Scripture Day by Day

Rest Stops for a Rushed People

SAINTS Holy and Human

Seven Disciplines of Successful Catholics

Seven Key Trends in the Church Today

Seven Myths About the Catholic Church and Clergy Sex Abuse: An American Journalist’s View

Seven Secrets of Successful Parishioners

Spirituality: What’s Your Style?

Strangers No Longer Together on the Journey of Hope

Ten Achievements of Vatican II

Ten Reasons to Be Catholic

The Abundance of God and Our Christian Response

The Mystery of Suffering: How Should I Respond?

The Nicene Creed: What We Believe

The Priesthood Today: We’re All in This Together

The Universal Call to Holiness: Empowering the Laity

The Works of Mercy: Heart of Catholic Identity

Tradition in the Catholic Church—Why It’s Still Important

Treasures of Vatican II Our Compass for the Future

Understanding Sin Today

Vatican II: The Vision Lives On Thirty years after the Council

Vocations: How Is God Calling Me?

We Believe in the Resurrection

What All Catholics Should Know About Eastern Catholic Churches

What Are Sacraments?

What Catholics Believe A Popular Overview of Catholic Teaching

What Does It Mean to ‘Be Church’?

What It Means to Be Catholic Satisfying 12 Human Needs

Why Be Catholic?

Why Must I Suffer ?

World Religions: A Primer for Catholics



Acts of the Apostles

Adam, Eve and Original Sin

Agony in the Garden Understanding the Passion of Jesus

Biblical Jerusalem City of Tears, City of Hope

Choosing and Using a Bible: Choosing and Using a Bible: What Catholics Should Know

Creationism What’s a Catholic to Do?

Finding the Heart of Jesus’ Life: Looking at Jesus in the Gospels

Finding Your Way Through the Old Testament

Four Faces of Jesus

How the Spirit Guides the Church Two Views in Matthew and John

In Search of the Real Mary

In the Desert with Jesus: Biblical Themes of Lent

Introducing St. Paul the Apostle His Life and His Mission

Jesus Christ: Why the Word Became Flesh

Jesus the Jew

Jesus’ “Mighty Deeds” of Healing in Mark’s Gospel

Making Disciples: Matthew’s Gospel and the Christian Community

Mary Magadalene Redeeming Her Gospel Role

Mary of History

Scripture and Tradition: Revealing God’s Plan

The Annunciation The Angel’s Message to Mary

The Bible and Prayer Themes From the Synod

The Bible: How the Many Versions Came About

The Fundamentalist Challenge

The Incarnation Why God Wanted to Become Human

The Luminous Mysteries: Exploring Five Major Events in Jesus’ Public Ministry

The Paschal Mystery: God’s Wonderful Plan

The Resurrection: How We Know It’s True


Liturgy, Liturgical Year & Prayer

A Joyful Journey: Advent Day by Day

A New Look at the RCIA Journey for the Entire Parish

A Prayer-a-Day for Advent

A Prayer-a-Day for Lent With Daily Faith Heroes

A Tour of a Catholic Church

A Walk Through the Mass

A Walk Through the Mass: A Step-by-Step Explanation

Advent Celebrating Promise, Joy, Hope

Advent: Waiting in Joyful Hope

Anointing the Sick: A Parish Sacrament

Ash Wednesday: Our Shifting Understanding of Lent

Baptism Our Lifelong Call

Celebrating Mary: Feasts of Our Lady

Communion of Saints Key to the Eucharist

Confirmation A Deepening of Our Christian Identity

Eucharist A Short History

Finding Jesus in the Eucharist Four Ways He Is Present

First Communion Joining the Family Table

Forgiveness in Our Church Today: Key to Healing

From Passover to Eucharist God’s Liberating Love

Godparents and Sponsors What Is Expected of Them Today?

Have Sacraments Changed?

How to Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation Today

How to Participate More Actively in the Mass

Interchurch Marriages: How to Help Them Succeed

Is the Mass a Meal?

Is the Mass Still a Sacrifice?

Liturgy: The Church’s ‘Work’ of Praising God

Mass and Communion Service What’s the Difference?

Nine Reasons for Going to Mass: Thanksgiving Every Sunday

Ordinary Things, Sacred Meaning

Participating Fully at Sunday Mass An Adaptation of Gather Faithfully Together: A Guide for Sunday Mass

Preparing for Marriage 10 Tools for the Journey

Real Presence in the Eucharist

Sabbath Moments in a Busy World

Sacrament of Holy Orders: Priesthood in Transition

Sacrament of Marriage: Sign of Faithful Love

Sacrament of Reconciliation: Celebrating the Mercy of God

Sacramentals: A Treasury of Catholic Tradition

Sacraments of Initiation: God’s ‘I Love You’

Sacraments of Initiation: Sacraments of Invitation

Sacraments: It All Starts With Jesus

Seven Key Trends in the Church Today

Seven Keys to Marriage:
A Married Person Looks at the Bishops’ New Pastoral, Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan

Single Catholics— Making Them Feel at Home

Sunday Mass: Easter All Year Long

Ten Tips for Better Confessions— The Gift of Reconciliation

Ten Tips for Welcoming New Catholics: The Role of the Community in the RCIA

The Creed: Gateway to Grace

The Liturgical Year: Simple Facts, Deep Truths

The Liturgy of the Eucharist

The Lord’s Supper: Ancient Story, New Beginning

The Sacrament of Baptism: Celebrating the Embrace of God

The Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Reconciliation: Celebrating God’s Forgiveness

The Sacrament of the Eucharist What Has Happened to My Devotion?

What Are Sacraments?


Living in Community

5 Virtues for Hard Economic Times

A Consistent Ethic of Life

Abortion: What the Church Teaches

AIDS and the Consistent Ethic of Life

AIDS: A Worsening Crisis Challenges Church and Society

Catholics and Health Care: They Go Together

Cohabitation Before Marriage

Creating a Place for Peace

Cremation New Options for Catholics

Economic Justice for All: 25th Anniversary, Wisdom for Today

End-of-Life Ethics Preparing Now for the Hour of Death

Examen of Consciousness: Finding God in All Things

Examine Your Conscience with the Ten Commandments

Faithful Citizens: Bringing Moral Vision to Public Life

Faithful Citizenship The Challenge of Forming Consciences

Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility (condensed version)

Faithful Citizenship: A Matter of Conscience

Faithful Simplicity

How Should We Think About the Poor? A Bishop Reflects

Human Sexuality: ‘Wonderful Gift’ and ‘Awesome Responsibility’

Key Themes of Charity in Truth

Natural Family Planning Key to Intimacy

Peace on Earth: God’s Dream, Our Task

Seven Secrets of Successful Stewards

Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning Questions and Answers

Stem-Cell Research How Catholic Ethics Guide Us

The ‘Last Things’ Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell

The Death Penalty: Why the Church Speaks a Countercultural Message

The Gospel of Life

The U.S. Bishops’ Between Man and Woman Questions and Answers About Marriage and Same-Sex Unions

Understanding Sin Today

What Catholics Should Know About Solidarity

What Is ‘Just War’ Today?

What Is ‘the Kingdom of God’?

What the Church Teaches About Homosexuality

What the Church Teaches About Immigration Policy

Who Will Be Saved? What Catholics Believe About Salvation

Why Catholics Care About Religious Liberty

Why Catholics Care for Creation

Why the Church Opposes Assisted Suicide

Your Conscience and Church Teaching How do they fit together?





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