Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ Update

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Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ is the new Elementary Religious Education program for Catholic Schools in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the Territories. You can link to the latest resources at Pearson’s website.

If you want to know more about the art of Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ see this video:


Grade Print Publication Date Digital Launch
2 August 2015 January 2016
3 April 2016 August 2016
4 April 2017 (was Aug 2016) August 2017 (was Dec 2016)
5 August 2017 December 2017
6 April 2018 August 2018
7 August 2018 December 2018
8 April 2019 August 2019

* The digital launch date is when the etext (student components) and Teacher Website unit(s) go live. As with Grade 1, more interactive elements are added in the months that follow.

For more information see Pearson’s website for the program.

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