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A map of the world, showing the major religions distributed in the world as of today. A different type of map which views only the religion as a whole excluding denominations or sects of the religions, and is colored by how the religions are distributed not by main religion of country etc. from Wikimedia
Belief Net This is an interactive and informative web page that offers such services as the Catholic Encyclopedia and information on different religions. Discussions on the modern issues regarding Catholics today are a major focus. This site is valuable to Catholic educators because the site recognizes the diversities of Catholics in the Church today. — Michelle Kim
BBC: Religion and Ethics This site is entitled Religion & Ethics. It gives descriptions of most religions of the world, their places of worship, and Ethic Issues such as Abortion, Euthanasia, War, Marriage, Human Cloning, etc. in each of these religions. It is interesting to hear the views of the different religions.Included on this site as well are quizzes about World Religions, dates and origins of religious festivals all year round and historical civilisations. — Michaela Kraus
The Golden Rule Ways in which the Golden Rule is found in thirteen World Religions displayed on a poster produced by Scarboro Foreign Missions. Teaching Aids.
Comparative Religions This site is devoted to bringing to one place on the internet the key books and writings of human spiritual and religious thought. Covering the major world religions of the world, alternative spiritual systems, and ancient mythologies, this is an ever expanding work in the making. This site also has explanations on the different sects of the muslim religion and explanations on almost any religions you can think of. It does an interesting job of comparing and contrasting religions as well. – Fabiana De Menech
History Lesson Plans and Resources – This site is mainly a history site, but because many historical events happen in Christianity, you can use this site for lesson plans and additional resources, like articles and pictures.
– This site has usefulness, when dealing with the historical aspects of religion. For a spiritual understanding this site is not useful.- Sean Hyponen
Nostra Aetate The declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, Nostra Aetate, was proclaimed by His Holiness Pope Paul VI on October 28, 1965.
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (OCRT)  This website will be helpful to those who teach the grade 11 World Religions course. The aim of this site is to foster the establishment of interfaith understanding by emphasizing the common denominators underlying all religions and looking at the diversity of each of them. Within the site there are several sections that one can explore. There is a detailed section on the background information of the various world religions. Also, there is a section titled science and religion, spirituality and morality. In this section one can look at links related to religious motivated wars and 911 terrorism. This site is a good resource that promotes religious tolerance, freedom and understanding. It is extremely useful for teachers who want to bring current events into their classroom. This site gives a lot of background information on situations that the world experiences today (911) and makes the connection with the past. A lot of the problems the world encounters today, is a result of peoples intolerance of other religions hundreds of years ago.– J. Brennan
Prayers of Peace This website offers prayers of peace compiled from different world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism). Teachers could use this website to enhance their lessons when teaching about world religions or when praying for peace around the world.
Philtar Philtar is designed as a Subject Gateway to electronic sources and resources for teaching and learning in the academic areas of Philosophy, Theology and Religion.
Religions on the WWW – Scriptures of World Religions This is a great site which provides links to the English translations to the Scriptural writings and documents of the world’s religions. This is a fabulous and easy resource for students and teachers. In many cases there are several documents listed under each religion, which provides the reader with a wider selection of material. This is an excellent site to obtain scripture for any religion course, but in particular the new Grade 11 and old Grade 12 World Religions course. As well, this would be a fabulous resource to use for the opportunity to incorporate technology in a religion class, a chance for many to read the words of various faiths that would not be easily obtained for a classroom setting. -Danielle Madden
Religious Tolerance Their motto is that the study of the world’s religions will lead to an understanding of religious diversity. Understanding of religion will lead to inter-religious dialogue. Dialogue will lead to peace among religions. Peace among religions will lead to peace among the nations. This site is maintained by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Their site is an amazing resource that has many different religious views on topics ranging from inter-faith marriages to female genetal mutilation. Great for Intermediate and Senior grades! – Fabiana De Menech
Sacred Texts Archive “This site is a freely available archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. Texts are presented in English translation and, where possible, in the original language.

This site has no particular agenda other than promoting religious tolerance and scholarship. Views expressed at this site are solely those of specific authors, and are not endorsed by sacred-texts. Sacred-texts is not sponsored by any religious group or organzation.”-their website

World Prayers This web site offers prayers of celebrations, adorations, and meditations and in vocations. It includes prayers from different religions as well as for different cultures eg. African, Celtic, Christian, Confucianism and Native. It also allows the participant to suggest a prayer. This web site is useful for Catholic educators in expanding the experience of prayers for students through inclusion and respect. — Michelle Kim
World Religions Index This link provides a wealth of information regarding the history of the Catholic Church. This is a useful tool to educators wishing to find details regarding the history of the Church.–Dora Turi

This website provides teachers with an understanding of other world faiths and religious philosophies. This is a well organized site that includes personal pages which have stories from people who have experienced a variety of religions, and articles page that discusses the major world regions and their various views on God, salvation and the afterlife and a data page that give statistics on the various religions. This resource would be of interest to those who are involved in the teaching of world religions. –J. Brennan

See also the website that supports Novalis/Nelson’s World Religions: A Canadian Catholic Perspective

Thanks to YCDSB teachers for their annotations.

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