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DSC_3939Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church – This on-line version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church includes the corrections promoted by Pope John Paul II on Sept.8, 1997. Details of the corrections are found by visiting Peter’s Net ( a Link provided on the Web page.) Searching for various aspects of the Catechism is done by clicking on the appropriate link. –Anne D’Andrea

Internet Resources for the Study and Teaching of Theology

This page provides an annotated list of Internet resources relating to theological studies. Many of these sites will, of course, contain further links to other notable places not included here. The intention is to give an indication of the range of resources available on the Internet.

Online Theology-Related Periodicals

This page lists online theology-related periodicals. Some of these are also available in printed form by subscription; others are exclusively electronic journals.

The Roman Theological Forum

The Roman Theological Forum is an association of scholars working with other interested persons for the advancement of theology and philosophy within the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. It addresses contemporary questions of theology and philosophy, beginning from a Thomist point of view, and it is promoting with special attention a neo-Patristic approach to the interpretation of Sacred Scripture.– Rita Mastrangelo

Resources/Links to a Sample of Modern Catholic Theologians / Historians / Writers/Activists Religious Reformers

The modern Catholic tradition contains an array of distinguished scholars who have major contributions to diverse disciplines: theologians, philosophers, political theorists, social scientists, and scientists.  In the arts there have been many noteworthy painters, sculptors, architects, poets, novelists, musicians, etc.  In the public square, there have been important activists, social reformers and statesmen.  In the domain of spirituality and religious reform, there has been an array of important religious reformers.  Converts to Catholicism have played a remarkably prominent role in shaping modern Catholic culture.

Sacramental Theology: Web Resources

Catholic life is geared around the seven sacraments, which confer grace on the believer. This is an overview of the historical development of the Catholic sacraments and their theological significance in the modern world.

Theology Library

A Catholic’s collection of 118 pages with over 5,100 links… in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. See particularly

Vatican Library

Digita Vaticana Onlus is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 to promote the conversion of the Vatican Library manuscripts into digital format. The Association is raising the necessary funds to guarantee the digitization of over 80,000 manuscripts held in the Vatican Library and is developing venues of communication to disseminate and articulate the value of these important historical documents, so as to improve the visibility of the project and its supporters.




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