Gifts of Love

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Prayer Services for the school year. These were created to be 2-sided, 3 panel brochures. They are intended for adults within a Catholic school system.

  • New Beginnings…A Prayer Service for the New School Year
  • Blessed Be the New School Year
  • May Our School Be A Household of God
  • Catholic School Communities:  We Have Our Mission
  • God’s Dream
  • St. Robert Bellarmine, Patron Saint of Catechists
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • A Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Gratitude
  • In Honour of St. Teresa of Avila
  • A Prayer Service for the United Nations
  • Called to Serve:  Living A Christian Life
  • A Simple Path…A Tribute to Mother Teresa
  • Life Is Beautiful… A Prayer Service in Remembrance of the Holocaust
  • All Saints’ Day
  • Blessed Be Those who Mourn
  • Remembrance Day Prayer Service
  • Acting Justly
  • The Word


  • St. Cecilia, Patron Saint of Music and the Arts
  • Jesus as Teacher
  • Angels in Advent:  A Prayer Service
  • Joyful Waiting
  • Voices of Advent
  • New Year Blessings
  • Old Turtle…A Prayer Service for the week of Christian Unity
  • Prayer for Christian Unity
  • Centre of the Universe
  • A Time for New Beginnings – A Prayer for a Staff Member Leaving
  • Hope In Winter
  • God, Be With Us
  • We are Ambassadors for Christ
  • Love and Our Catholic Schools
  • Exploring the Heart of Teaching
  • Angels
  • Trust in God


  • Ash Wednesday
  • The Desert
  • A Prayer Service for the Lenten Season
  • Stations of the Cross for Catholic Educators
  • Passion Sunday
  • A Celebration of Women
  • We Wish for Peace
  • A Prayer for Peace
  • One Bread, One Body
  • Easter Promise
  • Rainbows
  • Signs of New Life
  • Earth Week, A Prayer Service
  • God, the Artist
  • St. Joseph the Worker
  • A Tribute to Mary, Mother of God
  • A Prayer Service  in Honour of Mothers
  • Gift of Silence, Gift of Peace
  • We Walk in Hope


  • Family of God
  • The Spirit Is Alive
  • A Father’s Prayer
  • The Path to Wisdom
  • A Prayer for Forgiveness
  • Bread of Life
  • Come and Journey With Me
  • The Leader’s Journey
  • Leadership In Catholic Education
  • Beloved of God
  • New Horizons: A Prayer for a Retirement
  • We Are Gifts…. A Teachers’ Year End Prayer Service
  • Nurturing Our Inner Gardens
  • A Canadian Litany


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