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SNOW: Special Needs Opportunity Windows

This website is provided by The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto in partnership with Ontario Provincial Schools and their mission is that they strongly believe in “Cultivating the Inclusive Education Community.” The site contains information about adaptive technology, ideas and innovations for the special education classroom, elearning workshops (that are FREE!), classroom strategies for children with specific disabilities, discussion forums, and an area for kids, parents, and the community. This website would be particularly useful for educators because it provides an abundance of tools, tips, resources, information, and strategies on how to work with and teach students with specific disabilities that are commonly seen in classrooms today. – Nada Offak

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents: Special Needs & Learning Differences

This website is useful for parents or teachers who are home-schooling a child who has specific difficulties or aptitudes. It is also useful for those whose learning, for various reasons, does not match the typical learning curve. Many of the resources on this website are geared to special physical needs, and some are geared towards students with different learning styles. The website specifically contains printable worksheets, forums, training, articles, links, and much more, pertaining to an abundance of different special need areas. For educators, it is a great website to get ideas, tips and strategies on how to reach and teach students with various abilities and disabilities.
– Nada Offak

Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education (FIRE)

F.I.R.E is an organization that provides financial grants to parish schools within the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph to assist with the cost of special education services in an inclusive setting. Inclusive Catholic Education helps each child to reach their highest potential, and enlightens the lives of all children by teaching acceptance, compassion and the value of every child of God. -From the website

Special Education Prayers from the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board

Embracing the Road to Independence
(Prayer service to open PA day for EAs and ECEs working with special needs students)

Helpers on the Road to Independence
(Prayer service to open PA day for EAs and ECEs working with special needs students)

Prayer for Assistive Technology Teachers
(Prayer before working with students using AT)

Ephthata – Be Opened
(Prayer service for special needs educators inservice)

Every Educator a Special Educator
(Prayer to begin Special Education inservice or PA Day)

See Also Jan Bentham’s Prayers: (Ottawa Catholic District School Board)
A Prayer for Our Special Children
(Prayer asking God’s blessings on our Special Needs Students and those who care for them)

A Tale of a Good Samaritan Teacher
(A Parable for Teachers based on Luke 10)

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Program: Religious Education for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Sacramental Preparation for Students with Special Needs – A Guide for Catholic Educators

A resource from the Catholic Curriculum Corporation

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