Summer Course in Religious Education from Boston College

Teaching Religion

From Boston College’s C21 Online website:

Course designed by Jane E. Ayer, theology teacher at Notre Dame Academy and former Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Boston Catholic Schools Office. Video features Dr. Thomas H. Groome and master teachers; articles by Jane E. Ayer and Melinda Brown Donovan.

Focused on the elementary and junior high catechist and religious educator, this course explores teaching as a vocation, the various types of learners, and different approaches to presenting religious education material.  It is not dependent on any catechetical textbook series.

Cost: US$50.00

Special Features:

  • Two articles by Jane E. Ayer; one article by Melinda Brown Donovan;
  • Handouts by Dr. Thomas H. Groome to accompany his video; handout by Jane E. Ayer, “Guided Meditation for Children;”
  • Three videos with presentations by Dr. Thomas H. Groome or Dr. Thomas H. Groome in conversation with master religious educators;
  • Text transcripts of each featured video;
  • PowerPoint presentation on multiple intelligences and religious education designed by Jane E. Ayer;
  • Weekly study guide with questions for reflection and discussion.

Week 1: Teaching as a Vocation and Modeling Jesus’ Pedagogy
Week 2: Pedagogical Models and Being a Reflective Teacher
Week 3: Honoring the Senses and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Week 4: Creating Sacred Space and Ways of Praying

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