Green Spirit Television


 Green Spirit TV have produced a series of videos and lesson plans that will support teaching about Pope Francis Encyclical, Laudato Sii.

Cultivating and Caring for Creation. Twelve-part video and lesson plan series, featuring Papal teachings, CCCB’s recent document on Church Teachings on the Environment, along with a selection of key religious and lay leaders across the country who have worked for decades on initiatives and parish-based education to help Catholics become participants in this growing Church-based eco justice movement.

All of this is now a preparation for the coming encyclical on the environment from Pope Francis—an encyclical that may well galvanize the entire world to finally see the environmental crises as paramount among public issues. For Catholics, especially, the Encyclical may well be a personal and social turning-point towards a fuller, morally-base, commitment to eco justice issues.

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